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Pet Tubs

State of the Art Pet Tubs


Designed and brought to you by Groomers.




TO HIDE.  It also has less breakable




Why Fibreglass you say!

  • More durable
  • Better looking for longer
  • Easy to clean
  • More hygenic and lower porosity level


This is why it's the best on the market.

  • High splash back
  • Rolled edging for comfort
  • Spray nozzle
  • Angulated floor for easy drainage - no more dogs stand in water
  • Stainless Steel Tie Points
  • Deluxe Grooming Loop
  • A Thro-In floor for the small breeds (standard tub only)
  • Storage/access door
  • 40mm drainage outlet
  • Standard tub slide door- left or right position
  • Foot board hole where your toes can go in so you are standing closer to the bath to save on your back
  • Gel Coat finish inside the tubs for easy cleaning and hygene
  • 12 Month Warrenty on Fibreglass only

What is a Thro In Floor you say.

It is a Fibreglass floor you use for small breeds.  Usually you have a insert to place inside a tub and inserts can be a pain as having to put them in and out

when you have a different size dog.  Finding somewhere to put it while you are bathing a larger breed.  So we have a removable floor which when not used

you left it up against the back of the tub and fold it back down again when you need it.  NO MORE in and out and nowhere for it.

Why we made it removable also so you can easily clean in the groove that it sits in so there is no place for bacteria to hide.

  Add Ons:

  • Unistep


 Replacement parts available

 The Pet Tubs and Unistep are made to order.  FREE DELIVERY ON TUBS in most area's.  Delivery to some outer regional and/or remote areas of NT, WA and SA may attract additional charges.



Hygene is one of the biggest demands in Grooming and of course the comfort for the Stylist and client ( dog/cat).  We have made the tubs that their are NO nooks n cranies for germs to hide.  Everything has round edges and corners for easy cleaning.


Mini Tub










The Unistep has lockable wheels for holding into position, a rough surface on steps for grip.  It has a number of uses which is great value for a number of reasons and this is why:

  • Roll and position in front of the tub door and lock wheels into position.
  • Once your client is in the tub then roll out of the way so you have full access of the tub length and easy access to bathing equipment and the stylist is not tripping over any ramps.
  • Roll over to grooming tables for the larger breeds, saving on back injuries.
  • Can be used for drying bays for the large breeds
  • Access to rear of cars.  For those clients who have Arthritic dogs or injuries.

Unistep is a very mulitfunctional piece of equipment.

Unistep available in white only.



Dimensions:    Mini                    100cm L x 145cm H x 62cm W

                       Standard approx  119cm L x 145cm H x 52.5cm W

                Height measurement is taken from floor to the highest point, the Splash Back






Colours Available: inside of tubs are white


Custom colours available: P.O.A


 All tubs come with a FREE starter pack valued at $90.00

Tubs Made in Australia

and Owned

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